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M-F: 8:00am–6:00pm

Sat.: 8:00am–Noon

Closed Sundays and Holidays


Our Country Club Manager lives
at our facility so our guests are
always watched over. All our
guests receive 24 hour attention.


Tel: (714) 549-9799

Fax: (714) 751-1333

Dog Boarding, Daycare, and Fun, Fun, Fun!

What some of our friends have to say:


"I had a older small dog with health issues. Stevie and the gang at Coast Canine CC took him in and gave him a warm place to sleep and smothered him with love, where other places refused to take him or would make him sleep in an exterior kennel (he was an indoor dog). The whole gang at CCCC are nothing but the best." — Cory



"We've had our shelter dog here for the last few weeks during the day.  Right from the start everyone was so good to her - she's skiddish but very good with other dogs.  They have been careful to match her with other dogs for play time.  They also let her play and then rest - I appreciate the fact that they don't let her run all day. The office and the back are also very clean. I trust Stephe and Nancy's crew with my dog!" — Mandi

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