Guest Info


Daily Club Programs

7am     Rise N’ Shine

8am     Maid Service

            Breakfast is served

            Beauty n’ Spatime

            Playtime n’ Pooltime

            Cookie Snacks


4pm     Freshen Suites

5pm     Yappie Hour

6pm     Din Din is served

7pm     Social Strokes–TLC

8pm     Dessert Snack

9pm     Beauty Sleep


Sweet Dreams Darlings

Bedding and Toys

We provide bedding. However, we welcome you to bring your dog's favorite blanket. You may also bring his or her favorite toys and anything else that would make their stay more enjoyable
and make them feel more comfortable.

Special Diet

If your dog is on a special diet please bring enough
for the stay and also written instructions. There is a
$2.00 charge per dog per day, due to the extra labor costs.



There is a $2.00 charge per dog per day only
for the days the guest need the medications.


Shots & Records

It is required that all our guests be current on their DHLPP
and Rabies vaccines. We also suggest Bordetella and Corona. Confer with your vet regarding whether they recommend one, both or neither. Please bring your copy of valid shot papers.



Thank you!

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