Our Guest Boarding Rates

Small Guest $30.00 Daily 
(Beagle size and smaller)

Medium Guest $32.00 Daily
 (Bigger than a Beagle up to the size
of a Labrador or Golden Retriever)

Large Guest $34.00 Daily
 (Larger than a Labrador
or Golden Retriever)

All guests are charged for check-in day
and check-out day.




We do not have a check-in time nor a check-out time. Our valued clients seem to appreciate this because
they are not tied down by the clock. Therefore
the suite is yours for the entire
day if you so desire.


Food is included in our boarding.


We feed our guests two or three times a day
Breakfast, Dinner (and Lunch if instructed to).



We serve Iams Kibble or Iams Kibble mixed
with Iams Can, or which ever you prefer.

Play Day Rates

Play Day

Small Guest
$30.00 Daily

Medium Guest
$32.00 Daily

Large Guest
$34.00 Daily

Play Day Packages

Small Guest $280.00

You get 10 Play Days
+ 1 FREE day

Total savings = $50.00

Large Guests $320.00

You get 10 Play Days
+ 1 FREE day

Total savings = $54.00

Medium Guests $300.00

You get 10 Play Days
+ 1 FREE day

Total savings = $52.00

Beauty Days

A beauty day is ½ the price of a Play Day



A bath, nails, blow dry, brush-out and ears cleaned

Baths rates vary from $24.00 to $34.00 on size and type of coat.


Example: A Labrador Retriever would be
$32.00 ÷ 2 = 16  plus $28.00 bath = $44.00.

The Spa Baths

We love our guests to go home, happy, and beautiful.
Plus, your canine kids have confided in us that they adore
their baths, manicures, and pedicures.


We keep our baths rates purposely, low to eliminate
the dreaded "Bad Hair Day". Yuck!!!


(Baths rates vary from $24.00 to
$34.00 on size and type of coat.)

Baths includes:


Conditioner (if necessary)

Blow Dry

Brush Out


Ears Cleaned

Swimming and Playtime

There is no charge for swimming and playtimes!
All our guests are rotated to play yards and/or
swimming pool all day.


Pool–time and playtime groups are limited to a
maximum of four dog–friendly guests at a time
(about the same size, age, and temperament)
and are supervised by one of their nannies.

Swimming Pool Activities

Plenty of ball throwing to keep our guests happy.


Our new swimmers get free swimming lessons
and any necessary guidance they may need.


All our guests get rinsed and dried after each
swim-time and their ears flushed and cleaned.

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